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5 Factors That Often Trigger Road Accidents

Road mishaps occur more frequently than any other type of accident involving modes of transportation. Some victims are lucky enough to survive such incidents with only minor injuries. But there are times when road accidents are very catastrophic. These events can claim the lives of so many or cause severe injuries that change the existence of people. What drivers should be aware of is that although there are accidents that cannot be prevented due to natural reasons, most of these can be avoided. There are also specific factors that increase the likelihood of an accident, and some are discussed below. Continue reading

Car Leasing For Businesses – A Beginners Guide


Leasing is becoming more popular for businesses who want to supply their workforce with company cars. A funding arrangement can lead to the company owning the vehicle at the end of the deal, which is usually a three year or 60,000 mile period for businesses.

Buying the car means using hire purchase or contract purchase. Just leasing it leaves companies with a choice of contract hire or finance lease. Tax breaks are something any business needs to consider when sourcing its fleet of company cars.

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