Car Hire Paphos Airport

If you’re a traveler heading into Paphos International Airport, searching for your rental car can be the easiest thing to knock off your list. Our car hire Paphos airport services are the preferred method of travel for those entering the city and heading to different locales across the island.

Car hire Paphos airport

We offer a wealth of positives to our customer base. From our instant confirmation email of all bookings, to our 24-hour customer service, our decades of professionalism have established us as the primary booking service for travelers to the region. We believe in taking the process and making it easy, affordable, convenient, and preferred for all our clients.

Our placement as a top choice for renters at Pafos Airport can easily cite a number of reasons why. We offer all inclusive rates to our guest, meaning you won’t find yourself burdened with hidden fees or unexpected charges to your cards.

What you see when booking is what you’ll find to be accurate. Along with clear rates for reservations, our customers will also find we offer the best rates, regardless of whether you’re looking for a leisure or a business vehicle. Along with the best rates, we also offer a wide range of vehicles to choose from.

Rent a car at Paphos Airport with Limo

With over three decades of experience in renting cars at Paphos airport, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Having a family run business means we have an appreciation for working with people and understanding the importance of building connections with our clients. We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable car hire service in Cyprus, and take great pride in our customers’ satisfaction.

Paphos Airport in Cyprus

Paphos International Airport is the second largest international airport in Cyprus, which means many travelers will find themselves booking their flight into the city.

Located at just about ten minutes away of the city center of Paphos, it requires only a quick car ride before you find yourself in the city. Its location means it’s also the ideal airport for a number of other popular tourist destinations. For instance, if you’re staying in Coral Bay, the airport is conveniently located about 25 minutes away via car ride. Similarly, the popular city of Limassol is only 40 minutes away by car.

The quick driving distance between Paphos and other local destinations means that with just your rental car, you can open up your travels to a significant amount of the island.

Paphos airport in Cyprus

With both historical and architectural significance within the city, travelers will find plenty to see here on the island. The city has powerful historical relics and sites, drawing in those with an appreciation for the past. And yet, the modern resort-style feel of much of the island also helps draw in the appeal to other local travelers and those looking for a different experience.

Local beaches, excellent eateries, plenty of activities, and the prime position of the airport and the city itself mean that whether you’re flying into Paphos Airport or staying in Paphos, all our customers know they’re in good hands when they book with us.