Car Hire Larnaca Airport

Anyone looking to book a car hire Larnaca airport service is certainly going to have some key expectations, and at Limo Cyprus Car Hire, we look to meet every one of them! Certainty and confidence are important to our clients, so they’re important to us. Immediately upon booking, customers receive quick confirmation about their rental, to eliminate any concern or hesitation.

Our customer confidence extends into the time period of the rental itself, as we also offer 24-hour roadside assistance to our clients. This ensures you have the support you need should anything arise. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and always eager to help bring forth whatever assistance you need.

Choosing Limo To Rent A Car At Larnaca Airport

At Limo Motor Rentals, we also understand that money and costs matter. You worked hard for your money, and we understand the need to want to protect it. Our car rental service promotes transparent pricing, and our clients won’t find any hidden fees or unexpected charges when renting a car at Larnaca airport with Limo. The rates we offer are all inclusive, so any incurred charges are only those to be expected upon booking. What you see upon booking is what you get.

car hire larnaca airport

While our prices remain reasonable, our quality is also exceptional. We pride ourselves on economical prices for a quality product for our clients.

We are also an excellent choice for both business travelers and those taking a more leisurely vacation. Our wide assortment of vehicles means you’ll be able to find the right car to go touring around in Cyprus with your family or zip across from your hotel to meeting space for any business meetings. Having the rental car provides the freedom and luxury of touring or traveling through the city without needing to wait for a taxi or find yourself paying costly ride surge fees when you’re heading out to dinner.

Whether your situation comes down to needing a larger car to fit everyone, finding a car to impress your business clients, or just something cost effective to get you around the city, customers always find us prepared.

Larnaca Airport in Cyprus

Larnaca International Airport is the central hub for international travel onto the island. As an international airport and the largest airport in Cyprus, it’s easy to understand why it becomes the prime destination for flights into the island. The convenient location allows guests and visitors ease of access to many of the islands prime destinations for overseas or local travelers.

Larnaca airport in Cyprus

More specifically, the airport sits a quick five-minute drive from the city of Larnaca itself.

As Larnaca offers sunny beaches, stunning architecture and history, a wealth of tours and excursions, it is often a primary city for travelers. Additionally, the resort towns of Ayia Napa and Protaras, both popular destinations for vacationers, are approximately 35 minutes away. Travelers to the vacation towns will find Larnaca to be the most convenient airport to reach their final destination.

Lastly, the more urban region of Limassol, the bustling city of historical and architectural significance, is approximately a 45 minute drive from Larnaca airport. The close proximity to such key destinations means that Larnaca Airport serves as a great central location for travelers to the region.