4 Hot New Travel Gadgets for 2013


When planning a holiday, it is essential to pack all those gadgets that can make your trip more enjoyable and learn about all the travelling tips out there which help make a vacation better. It is true that technology has made travel all the more exciting and interesting. While there are a bundle of travelling apps you can download to your Smartphone, there are plenty of gadgets as well which you can use to do what you always wanted to do on vacations.

Gadgets, however, are not new to the travelling industry. Some decades ago, tourists and travelers used to buy every single latest model of cameras they could find. They used to carry those huge and heavy devices everywhere they travelled. The modern day’s gadgets are not only smaller but also smarter. Let’s find out about some of the smartest and hottest gadgets that 2013 has to offer.

Re–Timer Glasses

Jet lag is the only thing that can go worse with the increasing miles on your journey. While none of the traditional travelling tips work, re-timer glasses seem to be the only possible cure for the problem. These glasses actually work to alter your sleep cycles by re-timing your brain’s clock. No, they won’t be erasing or rewinding your memory. They simply shine light into your eyes that your brain perceives as sunlight and the brain carries on with its duty to keep your body awake and alert.

The Waterproof Smartphone

A beautiful pool full of people having fun, crystal clear water at a hot sandy beach or a picturesque waterfall in the midst of a lagoon – these beautiful masterpieces of nature can make anyone forget about what lies in their pockets and jump right into the water. Unfortunately, smart phones are not made to ‘live’ up to your excitement. Fortunately, we’ll have the Sony Xperia Z in 2013. This phone is water resistant and can survive a good 30 minute bath in water as deep as one meter.

Track Dot Luggage

One of the most important holiday tips is to take good care of your luggage. However, we are all quiet helpless when it comes to checked baggage. You don’t know where it is until you finally get to see it after reaching your destination. If you too are anxious about your luggage, Track Dot Luggage is a must have travel gadget for you. You can leave the device in your luggage and track it through your smart phone. It’s a relief to know that your luggage is not travelling in a different direction than yours.

The Watch to Watch

Smart phones may be designed for your convenience, but they often turn out to be the most disturbing and distracting thing. This is specifically true when you are travelling or driving. The newly launched Pebble Watch offers a better solution than travelling tips that tell you to leave your phone at home. The watch can keep track of your text messages, control your playlist and even manage your applications for you. So, next time you are travelling by car, the Pebble Watch will keep your hands on the steering wheel.

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