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5 Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations

Some of the first things people think of when they imagine their honeymoon are private pristine beaches, total relaxation, and not having to plan or think about a thing except which cocktail to order. There are many great travel destinations to choose from when picking a honeymoon destination, but no more than ever people are asking to visit a place that they might not normally have the time to visit, and a place that completely removes them from reality. Your honeymoon should be as unique as you are, so check out these five exotic and unexpected honeymoon destinations. Continue reading

3 Things To Remember When Vacationing

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Think about those family-oriented films that come out every year. It’s always huge during summer or Christmas. Either a big family goes to some lake for a vacation and it ends up being infested with zombies, ghosts, or just some crazed psychos or a huge family goes to some vacation to some resort and it turns out to be one of the worst ideas in the world. So many comedies or horror films are based on vacations! Why is that? Because lets face it… Vacations.. most of the time suck! Yes dad, they have their potential to be great, but seldom do. Here are some of the ways every vacation can go south.

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A Quiet Place For A UK Holiday

If you are looking to go on holiday and are keen for some great food, beautiful countryside and warm and friendly people, then you do not need to go abroad to find it! There is plenty to offer in the UK for the modern, discerning tourist. And there are lots of little well kept secrets nestling in the countryside where you can pamper yourself or get out and explore and have a good time. Although you may not get the scorching sun all of the time like you would do on a beach in Greece or Turkey, there is plenty on offer to keep you and your family entertained when you go on holiday. You can even do a multi stop holiday and take in a few different locations around our beautiful country, or you can rent a quiet holiday home for a week or two and just relax.

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Enjoy Your Vacations At The Best Holiday Destinations Of Europe


Europe is an amazing continent, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Everyone should visit this place for it least once in their lifetime. After three weeks of online voting, Istanbul is elected as the best European destination among the 20 other competitors. It is then followed by Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Nice and Stockholm.

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4 Simple Tactics For Saving Hundreds (Even Thousands) On Your Next Vacation

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Everyone is looking for a few ways to save money on their vacations. That extra cash saved is more money you have for shopping or additional activities. Sometimes that extra cash saved puts a typically too expensive vacation become a reality. If you are willing to put in the extra work to drop the price of your getaway, there are options available. Continue reading

5 Factors That Often Trigger Road Accidents

Road mishaps occur more frequently than any other type of accident involving modes of transportation. Some victims are lucky enough to survive such incidents with only minor injuries. But there are times when road accidents are very catastrophic. These events can claim the lives of so many or cause severe injuries that change the existence of people. What drivers should be aware of is that although there are accidents that cannot be prevented due to natural reasons, most of these can be avoided. There are also specific factors that increase the likelihood of an accident, and some are discussed below. Continue reading

Car Leasing For Businesses – A Beginners Guide


Leasing is becoming more popular for businesses who want to supply their workforce with company cars. A funding arrangement can lead to the company owning the vehicle at the end of the deal, which is usually a three year or 60,000 mile period for businesses.

Buying the car means using hire purchase or contract purchase. Just leasing it leaves companies with a choice of contract hire or finance lease. Tax breaks are something any business needs to consider when sourcing its fleet of company cars.

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Frugal Flying – 5 Travelling Tips to Fit Your Budget

When planning a holiday, it is advisable to plan the budget beforehand. The reason most people overlook the urge to take a break and travel around or simply put off the plan until their retirement is because travel usually leaves a huge dent on the pocket. However, the costs associated with travelling can easily be controlled and brought down by following simple travelling tips.


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Here are five highly effective and simple travelling tips that can help you cut down your travel costs and enjoy a frugal holiday at your favorite destination.

Surf Around for Discounts

The internet can be a traveler’s best friend. Before choosing your holiday destination, it is best to learn all about the place, local hotels and the deals you can get online. Don’t forget that you always have the chance to negotiate a better deal once you reach your destination. Yet, an online search will help you get an idea of average rates and prices.

One of the most helpful travelling tips you can get is to surf local versions of the travelling sites. Not only will you find better deals, paying in another currency often turns out to be less expensive.

Look For Off Season Opportunities

Almost all of the hottest travel destinations have their peak seasons. It is mostly around the holiday season in the US and European countries. Almost everyone tries to make the most of this season and that is why rates and fares are also at their peak. So, if you have a little more patience than the rest of the public, it is best to wait for the tide to settle down.
Ask any of your frequently travelling friends or check with the local tourism offices for off-season details and holiday tips.

Save on Transport

Driving a sexy convertible alongside the beautiful beaches of an exotic coastal city sounds fascinating, but are you really willing to spend half of your budget on a ride? Of course, no is the most sensible answer here. Choosing your transport wisely can help you save a lot of money. Public transports such as metro are the most frugal means of transport. You can even purchase a bundled offer for unlimited travel for a whole week. In case you are going to need a a car to rent find for the cheapest car hire services

Share a Roof

If you want to pursue your lifelong dream of waking up in a five star B&B in Paris, better give up your dreams of travelling on a budget. Accommodations can be really expensive and if you are travelling during a peak season, they are hard to find. That is why it is always good to look for locals or other travelers who wouldn’t mind sharing a rental with you.

Save on Food

Just like accommodation, five star dinners and expensive restaurants are not good options for travelers on a budget. In many cases, they are not even worth the price and the taxes they charge. One of the best travelling tips you are ever going to get is to explore the local eateries and dine where the locals dine. This will give you a chance to savor the distinct and truly exotic tastes while saving a good amount of money.

4 Hot New Travel Gadgets for 2013


When planning a holiday, it is essential to pack all those gadgets that can make your trip more enjoyable and learn about all the travelling tips out there which help make a vacation better. It is true that technology has made travel all the more exciting and interesting. While there are a bundle of travelling apps you can download to your Smartphone, there are plenty of gadgets as well which you can use to do what you always wanted to do on vacations. Continue reading

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