Enjoy Your Vacations At The Best Holiday Destinations Of Europe


Europe is an amazing continent, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Everyone should visit this place for it least once in their lifetime. After three weeks of online voting, Istanbul is elected as the best European destination among the 20 other competitors. It is then followed by Vienna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Nice and Stockholm.

Rome, Italy

If you love the sun and sand, then this is surely the best place to visit. Even after exploring this place for one whole year, you’ll feel as if you haven’t seen all of it. Here, you’ll see the evolution of modern civilization. The best places to visit in Rome are Colosseum, Vatican City, Roman curia and Trevi Fountain.

St Petersburg, Russia

There are a number of popular places here to keep you glued to it. You would not want to return home, once that you are in St, Petersburg. The Hermitage Museum is the most important places that you would not want to miss out on. Other attractions are Peter and Paul Fortress, The Catherine Palace, Peterhof and Kizhi Island. St. Petersburg was founded by a Russian named Peter and that is why you will find a large collection of Russian art here, when compared to other places in the world.

Paris, France

Paris place is famous for movies and fashion, and this is the reason why many people consider it as an enchanting destination. There is something for everyone here. It is also called the city of love. Popular attraction here are The Louvre, The Sun Palace, Deportation Memorial, Musse d’ Orsay and the best is the Eiffel Tower. There are about 1,811 hotels in Paris. To avoid any getting lost, it is advisable to keep a metro map with you all the time.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the historic crossroad between the East and West. It is considered as one of the liveliest cities in Europe. It has several bars, palaces, minerats and clubs. This city is a combination of different cultures. Places to visit here are Hargia Sophia Museum and Historic sites of Istanbul. Carry your sunscreen in summers, as this place could be warm for you.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This city is well known for its history and scenic beauty. It is a gorgeous city and has legal Red Light District. This city is one of the Europe’s most picturesque places. It is full of colorful homes, bridges and canals. Popular places for visit are Concertgebouw, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and Jordaan. If you choose to visit the Red Light District, then it is suggested that you do not keep your valuables with you like cameras, gold items and so on.

Barcelona, Spain

Here, you’ll enjoy shopping and sightseeing, as there are a number of shops filled with mementos that you would want to take home and treasure for life. This city is famous for its surroundings, beaches and a great nightlife. Beaches, Guell Park and church of the Sacred Family are the popular attractions here. Besides, it is recommended that you visit the open air market without fail, as it is best place to satisfy your shopping spree.

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